Thomas Henley

Thomas Henley was born on July 6, 1894 in Hillsville, Lawrence, Pennsylvania. He was eventually sentenced to Dixmont Insane Asylum following a head injury received while working with the phone company. The following is a collection of some documents relating to him, as well as some letters from him while he was at Dixmont.

 Documents: Thomas Henley’s Baptismal Certificate (009.008) – Document – Info
 Photos: Johanna May, Coral Cerita, Thomas, and John Nelson Henley (001.048)
 Letters: To Commissioner of Lawrence County from Brown Henley regarding Thomas’s, his son’s, sentence to Dixmont. Dated April 12, 1922. (002.002) – Transcription
Thomas Henley’s Court Record regarding his sentence to Dixmont, PA Insane Aslyum. Dated March of 1922. Contains 4 pages (typed) (002.003) – Transcription
To Dr. H. A. Hutchinson from Dixmont Hospital. From Brown Henley regarding his son, Thomas Henley, being accused of being insane. Dated July 12, 1922 from Edinburg, PA. (002.004) – Transcription
To Hon. Judge Emery regarding Thomas Henley’s sentence to Dixmont Hospital. From Brown Henley. Dated October 16, 1922 from Edinburg, PA. (002.005) – Transcription
From Brown Henley to the Employers Liabability Insurance Corporation, Ltd. in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania regarding the injury to Thomas Henley. Dated December 17, 1917 from Edinburg, Pennsylvania (002.009) – Transcription
 Links: PHMC State Archives for Dixmont