The Henley Surname begins with Matthew Henley. He was born in Herefordshire, England in 1796. As for some of the pedigrees, the validity is as close as possible with the resources at hand.

Genealogies: A History and Genealogy of the Henley Family
Henley Genealogy (Previous Work)
Harold Hedberg’s on Hilda Henley
Documents: Brown Henley’s Patent for the Swivel Couplings for Vehicles, 1895
Brown Henley’s Patent for the Swivel Couplings, 1896
Matthew Henley 1841 English Census Record
George Henley & Aurie C. Miller’s Marriage License
George Henley’s Pedigree
Westminster Holcad (October 1, 1886) [pg. 10 of pdf]
Westminster Holcad (December 1, 1886) [pg. 12 of pdf]
Westminster Holcad (July 1, 1887) [pg. 19 of pdf]
Photos: George Henley’s Tombstone (Hillsville)
George Henley’s Tombstone (Oak Park)
Elizabeth (Henley) Davis’s Tombstone (Hillsville)
Irvin Miller Henley’s Tombstone (Oak Park)
Lettie (Henley) Harlan’s Tombstone (Hillsville)
Margaret E. Henley’s Tombstone (Oak Park)
May A. Henley’s Tombstone (Hillsville)
Henley Brother’s & Paden Company (001.001)
Lettie (Henley) Harlan’s Wedding (001.003)
Mathew Henley & Elizabeth (Morgan) Henley (001.007)
Maria (Henley) Duff (001.020)
Lettie (Henley) Harlan’s Graduation Class of 1888 (001.025)
Lizzie (Henley) Paden (001.044)
George Henley (001.045)
Johanna May, Coral Cerita, Thomas, and John Nelson Henley (001.048)
 Research: Thomas Henley’s Life At Dixmont
Sir Thomas Henley Family Fortune